Tomaga I Intimate Immensity LP

Tomaga I Intimate Immensity LP



Intimate Immensity

Hands In The Dark


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    Black vinyl edition

    The last, outstanding release of the London based experimental duo (Tom Relleen and Valentina Magaletti), accomplished just before Tom’s passing in August 2020, is the distillate of two years of new creative enhancement.

    Mostly recorded at Tom’s “Bunker” – as he called his house in London – during the days off from live performances and challenging collaborations throughout the world, Intimate Immensity collects ten intense tracks that outline a breath-taking epiphanic journey revisiting the multifaceted worlds explored by the band in seven years of non-stop and mostly live activity.

    The wonderful blue artwork especially created by the acclaimed artists Icinori is a perfect match with the gist of Tomaga’s aesthetics of intimacy that is well expressed by a few lines in the gatefold:

    “I just found an interesting book by Gaston Bachelard called The Poetics of Space, with chapters on ‘house as universe’, nests, shells, ‘intimate immensity’, ‘the phenomenology of roundness’... I think it ties in with our feelings about bunkers and the urge to partition the universe to create our own spaces, vs cleansing or colonising the everyday to make it empty of anyone else's taste. I think Tomaga tracks with their individual micro worlds are a bit...  more


    released March 26, 2021

    All track written, performed and produced by Tom Relleen & Valentina Magaletti
    Except 'Very Never (My Mind Extends)' written by Tom Relleen, Valentina Magaletti & Cathy Lucas
    Vocals on 'Very Never (My Mind Extends)' by Cathy Lucas
    Vocals on 'British Wildlife' by Martin Tomlinson
    Strings on 'Intimate Immensity' by Agathe Max

    Mixing by Marta Salogni at Studio Zona, London
    Mastering by Sarah Register, New York City
    Cutting by Andrea [Lupo] Lubich, Berlin
    Artwork & layout by Icinori