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Tsap I Eating A Tree Cass.

Tsap I Eating A Tree Cass.



Eating A Tree

Altered States Tapes


  • Specs

    A band you really need everything from.  The cassettes are a bit more experimental/soundscape then their vinyl output but god, what a haunting trip it is.  Kind of an early industrial vibes to it, factories tumbling down and all that.  Some tracks lighten up the fire some precise beats but as an entity this one leaves you breathless. No fucking idea if this is the first or second edition but does it matter?  Will be gone in a flash whatsoever.

    crawling over to Altered States for their first sitting in its wonked halls. Tsap is a Sydney / Newcastle duo made up of Chris Colla and Cooper Bowman.

    EAT was originally conceived as an ambient / longform listen based around some late night jams we had and loosely themed on an ascetic Buddhist practice of self-immolation. While the liminal tracks, titled Lacq I-IV, underpin the release, there are other distractions along the ascent. The Saint Of Rice Excrement vaguely calls to mind two of our great loves, Robert Turman and Nick Blinko, in one of the stranger compatibility-matches imaginable. Chant Reduction continues the chaotic, mutated house of our first tape and Crumbling Stupa features an eviscerated beat along with someone warbling as if they heard Scott Walker, took peyote and were left to their own (unplugged) devices in the mountains.


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