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Turbohaler I Live Cass.

Turbohaler I Live Cass.






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    the bio below got it right.  Luckily their jazz influences are gone.  This is loud, fast, dirty and the stuff i love to play when having a hangover.  Dive in!!!  Edition of 20, go figure

    Side A
    Recorded live at Landmark, Bergen at Playdate series.

    Side B
    Recorded live at Too Nice, Takamatsu, during our first tour in Japan.

    Turbohaler is based in Norway and Berlin.

    A power duo unit, with influences from grindcore to harshnoise, but coming originally from jazz, playing fast and loud, piercing your ears! Named after the asthma medicine, the duo formed in Norway in the summer of 2015 and released its first EP “Why Aren’t We Friends Anymore?"on cassette within the week of it’s formation on Brain Pussyfication Label.
    The two members of the unit, Eirik Havnes (NO - guitar and electronics) and Utku Tavil (TR - drums and electronics) are active players of European free improvisation and noise scene as well as sound art.Individually they have toured all over Europe, Turkey, USA and Japan.The duo draws influences from MoHA!, Lightining Bolt, Napalm Death and many others, and put these influences on fire on stage.

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