Uton I Pa-​Luu Val-​Oon Cass.

Uton I Pa-​Luu Val-​Oon Cass.



Pa-​Luu Val-​Oon

Magma Tones


  • Specs

    Crystal Alken clear sounds from a man on a mission.  Feels a lot darker then i am used to hear from Jani Hirvonen.  Heavy tripping noise-psych-ambient in a field filled with roses and porta-loos. A much needed reissue allthough ltd to 40 copies. 

    PA-LUU VAL-OON = return to the light

    PA-LUU VAL-OON was recorded between July and October 2017 in Turku, Finland. The album was originally released on cassette by American label NullZone in 2018. The edition was 50 copies, and it was sold relatively fast, so it was about time to make another edition, so that this album can be available again.

    PA-LUU VAL-OON offers a deep transcendental sound, sometimes noisy and intense, even dark, but always keeping on the road into the light; as the album title refers.

    What's that thing, which is returning? The wandering mind, looking for that something. The lost little thing. The cry of the world, always in shadows without realizing; we are the light.