Various I La Pompadour Cass.

Various I La Pompadour Cass.





Un Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi


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    UJNSQ's first compilation, La Pompadour is a collection of 10 exclusive tracks, like a musical manifesto for sound experimentation.  Each musician has responded in his own way to the label's invitation and to the simple obligation: “total freedom”. A first testimony of the diversity of the scene of Tours (Fr) and its countryside. The whole is sublimated by the delicate design of Guillain Le Vilain , inspired by the Marquise, patron of the arts in her time.

    With lower_form, Tachycardie, DJ I   ̴  ̴  ̴  ̴  ̴, Danse Musique Rhône Alpes, The Dictaphone, 201012 D, Cellar D., Odran Trümmel, Funken, Paul Durango et Thackery Earwicket.