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Various I Lullabies For Sleepless People In A Tired World Cass.

Various I Lullabies For Sleepless People In A Tired World Cass.



Lullabies for sleepless People in a tired World

Kashual Plastik


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    Hot on the heels of that brilliant Labyrinth double LP compilation, Kashul Plastik defines themselves as chamions of compilations.  God, i love this.  Just have a look at the tracklist and fall flat on your back.

    01 Eylül Deniz - Rubiyat

    02 Joee Mejias - Tulog Na

    03 Leighton Craig - Know This Dream

    04 Ugne Uma - Frankui

    05 Nat -Si he de vivir

    06 Maxine Funke - Blyton Rock.WAV

    07 Katzele - Shir Eres Lyrics By Nathan Alterman

    08 NAR - دير بالك

    09 Jonnine - There´s No Rhino In San Francisco

    10 Decha - Wiegenlied

    11 Daniela Huerta - Ronca Que Ronca

    12 Tamami Pearl - 竹田の子守唄

    13 Vamilienfa†er - Es werd scho glei dumper

    14 Laure Boer - Petit Soleil

    15 Arzyro - Άστα τα μαλλάκια σου

    16 Treasury Of Puppies - Sov Du Lilla Videung

    17 Brannten Schnüre - Abend

    18 Zoya Z - Баюшки Баю


    he world has lost its intimacy. Enlightenment displaced enchantment, leaving insomniac humans behind, wearing synthetic garments, walking on plastic, haunted by leased cars, credit cards and Hollywood stars. The Earth is deeply shaken. Shaken by an insatiable treatment that only takes and never gives. She is countering with super dry summers, irrational wildfires, the end of Gulf stream and poles, that melt into the sky. What can safe her? Who can bring a radical change for a new deep-rooted society? Music, maybe. New Folk music? Maybe. Made by people, for the community. Distributing a balanced raison d'être, while observing all living conditions of the time without grime.
    With “Lullabies for sleepless people in a tired world” Kashual Plastik tries to lift folk music into a new, modern-day plateau, while using the oldest instrument of the world: the human voice. Enlarged with field records, and acoustic guitar tones, eighten artists from all around the globe tell little legends in their native tongue, singing, humming, and chanting worn-out against insomnia. Short, deeply private stories by haunted individuals that seek for thee authentic in a haunted world, that haunts itself with the implausible ghosts of its haunted inhabitants. Religiously sung, spoken, slurred and snored concrète songs, that observe the terra without incognita. Made for getting close, smelling notes. Fashioned with an open heart by far-scattered artists like Australian singer Jonnine, NAR from Beirut, Berlin based string avant-gardist Laure Boer, Malka Tutti label spirit Katzele, Düsseldorf’s spoken word witch Decha, Bavarian tongue poet Vamilienfa†er or Lithuanian artists and DJ Ugne Uma. They all translated an inner fire into intimate harmony, reaching out to embrace the grace of an empty space. Music for conscious souls, that understand all languages without speaking them. International songs for local action. Tunes for a tired world, that can’t remember when it gulped all that pills that cause the ills. Folk against Fracking. Folk against tracking. Folk against sacking. Only sleep brings you back to life!

  • Shipping Date

    Septembre 29

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