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Various I Two Years Of Spring Cass.

Various I Two Years Of Spring Cass.


Summer Sale 2024


Two Years Of Spring

Are You Before


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    Two Years Of Spring collects 11 vignettes tentatively resting on the peripheries of folk music, vining across the new context of where the tradition now exists. Guitar and voice with roots buried in reflection and anticipation.

    The tracklist includes Brandende Schuur (aka Brannten Schnüre,  certainties in quality Circle Bros And Delphine Dora & Mocke, all time favourites Troth and Nein Rodere, Ubaldo and some more unknown names which accelerate in passion and introspective songs.  A very well balanced compilation.  Probably gonna sell out within minutes i publish this but hey....

    I know the price is a bit higher but thank Brexit for it... 

    1 (ONE) copy per customer!!!

    Comes with dl-code

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