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Wilful Boys  I  Anybody There? 7"

Wilful Boys I Anybody There? 7"

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Wilful Boys

Anybody There? 



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    Wilful Boys are another face-blasting ensemble in Ever/Never’s stellar stable of New York/Australian combo units.

    “Anybody There” is existential crisis as mid-tempo assault; there’s just the right amount of introspection amidst the beer-guzzling chunks of riff -- as executed by Johnny Provenzano and Nicholas Isles -- shifting beneath Watkins’ bulldozer bass. “Flat Out” is the best song the Cosmic Psychos never wrote, a not-so-distant cousin to down-and-out laments like “Custom Credit” and “Bad Day.” The verse -- “I’m waiting on a break/in the day or in my back” -- follows the descending riff into a well of hopelessness, but the overdriven chorus proves there’s still some fight left in these Wilful Boys. Like the best rock n’ roll, this is music for drinking away your life’s worries.

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