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Will Guthrie & Jean Luc Guionnet I Electric Rag LP

Will Guthrie & Jean Luc Guionnet I Electric Rag LP


Will Guthrie & Jean Luc Guionnet

Electric Rag

Ali Buh Baeh Records I Editions Memoire


  • Specs

    White Vinyl. Edition of 300

    Jean-Luc Guionnet - electric organs, electronics, alto saxophone
    Will Guthrie - drums, percussion, microphones

    Recorded at Studio (H)Indre in 2019
    Mixed at Ty Karr
    Mastered by Joe Talia

    Maxed out and burning hot nasty, Electric Rag brings together the electric organs, electronics and alto sax of Jean-Luc Guionnet, with the closely amplified drums and percussion of Will Guthrie.
    After years of playing together in the minimalist pointillist free jazz noise core trio ‘The Ames Room’ (with Clayton Thomas on bass) Electric Rag offers up another point of view on a musical history of nearly 15 years of playing together.
    The 8 titles of Electric Rag draw on their various experience in electronic music, free improvisation and experimental sound research, however the music is deeply rooted in their love of jazz, in its most potent, aggressive and antisocial form.

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