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Xösen I In Chron Cass.

Xösen I In Chron Cass.


Summer Sale 2024


In Chron

Radical Documents


  • Specs

    Across sides A and B, Xösen unfurls a cautiously loose, but determinedly calculated take on New Age sound. A clever mix of singing bowls, long-form field recordings, and solo percussion are abundant throughout this 80 minute deep dive into the modern world of sonic meditation. An album for the yoga set on the precipice of restructuring self care and survival as we know it. A soundtrack to contend with our descending moon of the industrial age. Regardless of your station, get pulled under the healing waters of nostalgia as our nascent societal collapse begins.

    "This aint your Earth Mother or ponytail pot puffin' papa heart song, luvvy duvvy trip" - Mark A. Rodriguez

  • Shipping Date

    Decembre 30

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