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Yanik Soland I Yuki LP

Yanik Soland I Yuki LP


Yanik Soland


Futura Resistenza


  • Specs

    YUKI is the debut solo record by Basel-based multidisciplinary artist Yanik Soland. Inspired by film scores and sound design, YUKI is a 40 minute audio-piece in 11 chapters. Musical characters, each assigned a specific sound (such as a sampled quarter tone cembalo or synth voices) reappear across the chapters.

    With a background playing bass in bands, Soland utilises various collaborative modes on YUKI: his partner Marianna Angel appears on overdubbed iPhone-recorded piano, Stefan Tcherepnin plays guitar over one chapter, and a rehearsal recording with Gleb Glonti forms the canvas for another.

    YUKI—the name Soland’s parents had planned to give him, if he were a girl—is Japanese for snow, snow-princess or luck, and is here used as an alter ego within Soland's practice. YUKI’s touchstones include Laurie Spiegel, Mark Fisher, Ruins, Dean Blunt, Maryanne Amacher, Tyler The Creator, Heather Leigh and Györgi Ligeti.

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