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Z.B. Aids I Gestalt LP

Z.B. Aids I Gestalt LP


Summer Sale 2024

Z.B. Aids


Bruits Direct


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    It starts very simply. March 1988. The birth of an elephant. Basically, not exactly. Hair and teeth, we were told, it’s like that, it happens more often than you think. He was hungry and he was dirty. There he sucks the vacuum cleaner. We couldn’t stop laughing ! There he purrs. Time flies so fast and he has grown. «Aggression, like love», he used to say, «is first projected onto an individual who then introject them». In the introjective phases, identification with the stool, the paranoid character is experienced as dirt ; in the projective phases, of alienation, he feels himself superior and it is the world that he regards as filth. We read too ! He said : «In your fairy tales, the wolf symbolizes introjection, it swallows whole or pretends to be. » I don’t think he was mad at us. «The whole thing was of course mobile», he said the other day, «finally, I dumped it, finding that I prefered to look for whatever effects I might need through technique». We do appreciate his work, we are proud of him, he has come a long way. «The individual can talk for a long time without swallowing anything», he answered. «Does the intelligent stomach even have the capacity to resist word-of-mouth?», we were just about to retort. But no more quarrel, listen and enjoy without evaluating; you will taste good, you will stop introjecting your physical food and hence your mental food, you will.
    – Laetitia Paviani

    A bad torrent file for the theme from Miami Vice rings in your ears as you struggle to get out of an elevator that’s crashing real fast while you were waiting for a phone call from Bill Orcutt. Enjoy life while it lasts.
    – Guy Mercier

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