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K-Group: New Series 1 LP pre-order I installation I livedates

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

K-Group New Series 1 LP is up for pre-order now.

Brandnew offering on Knotwilg from Paul Toohey, member of Surface Of The Earth, NZ guitar dronemasters by excellence. The successor of the Series 4 lp from 2020 is a natural evolution leaning more forward towards SFOTE. Rawer guitar sounds drifting against all tides into a melting plot of emotions opening up a range of sounds familiar not only to previous outputs but also into a brighter optimistic drone-culture. Pure bliss and joy to be able to release to be able to release this into a world of music enthusiasts. Take our word for it, you need this one. Ltd to 200 copies worldwide.

Shipping date: Septembre 1,2023

K-Group will promote the new album with a couple of European dates in septembre and a video-installation in August.

K-Group: Video-installation from 'The Visitor' in a reworked version especially for this occasion as part of the Kunstroute Zuienkerke.

Adress: Oude Molenweg, 8377 Meetkerke

Dates: August 12-15 & August 19-20 from 11h-18h

K-Group Live Action

Septembre 15, London, instore World Of Echo

Septembre 23: Brussels, Les Ateliers Claus (Bel) with Kristallroll & Vincent Jehanno, Gerry Franke, Dj Klakke

Septembre 24: Eupen, Studio Néau/Meakusma


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