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Wintersales + Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024

Did we read wintersales? 

Yep, up and running up to January 30. 20% discount on all orders over 50 euro (excluding postage)

But what about Knotwilg's 'best of 2023' list? 

Well, I didn't feel like it to be honest. And a gut feeling is not to be neglected. Obviously a lot of things happened. But let's do this alphabetically instead of numerical. Observation is my middle name.

A from Art & Alice

Spent a lot of time within artistic ventures. It was great to see how something builds up from scratch to finish. There are great similarities when it comes to musicians. Sure, a lot of air selling is going on. But also decent honest folks who are just doing what they are doing. Just because it has to be done. Thank you Alice, and not only for this but for every damn single second we spend together.

B from Books

And yes, this guy reads as well. That Lords Of Chaos about Norvegian Death Metal was very entertaining in a way. Korm Plastics released Nul Nul which is basically a compilation of industrial fanzine from the mid-eighties. Comes with a cd and exclusive track from Kanker Kommando (KW05 & 06). Very enjoyable. Some more enjoyable reading included 'La Vie Interdite' by Didier Van Cauwelaert (thank you mom), 'German Fortifications In Jersey' by Michael Ginns/Peter Bryans and obviously as a NZ addict Archive Fever. Although Noel's section with woke excuses in his foreword almost put me off. That was simply unnecessary. 

C from Cancel Culture

The way this has been used internationally is just shocking. Social Media was not invented as an instrument to start court cases at random. I've heard tours being cancelled because somebody signed a petition pro or contra something in 2005 or so. Come on: think before you destroy somebody's income.


D from Dead C

Jumped into their European tour (partly) with Roy Montgomery. Accumulating in a Knotwilg event in Brussels with CIA Debutante as extra. You would think touring with musicians which pushed you into so many directions would be paralyzing. But no, amazingly smooth. So much memories but maybe the coffee/apero stop at Annecy lake (the same day of that attack there) was my favourite. Alongside a scary encounter with Bruce at night searching half a sleep for a toilet. Their best show was at Lyon where they somehow managed to set a stage on fire with the second part of that concert.

E from Energy

The phone is back!!! Meaning, people are calling each other more than texting/chatting/sending emails. The amount of energy lost on non-answered messages is enormous. Grateful as we are for this natural evolution we donate every single bit of energy we have into a joyful 2024 

F from Flag

Those ceo's from flag companies must be happy with the increasing sales of banners of all sorts. To make things clear, and save us some lawsuits: we care about people. But stop waving flags folks. No matter what colour it is. It's invading everyone's privacy, provoking, irritating and opposes in a lot of cases the cause you believe in.

G from Gigs

Concerts are the core of virtually every band. Be it economically, socially or just for fun. Knotwilg only staged two nights. But we enjoyed it and are really really thankful for all whom showed up. Interested parties can always contact us to set up an evening btw. And yes, some concerts are gone into oblivion. Others remain carved into our brains. Such as: Dead C in Lyon, Roy Montgomery/Cia Debutante in Brussels, K-Group in Eupen, Sophia Djebel Rose in St Vith, Goldscammer in Ghent, Silzedrek in Antwerp, Christophe Clebard in Kortrijk to name a few. Luckily our cars still work on gasoline, or we would be charging batteries forever.

H from Holiday

A much needed word. Just sitting back having a coffee, reading, thinking, making love, eating, sleeping is essential for all of us. Or when do you think projects and ideas are being worked out? Fckng hell, I miss my bar-tabac daily.

I from Invoices

You can't get around it. And some are more menacing than others. 'Nuff said I guess. Thank you Belgian laws to force us into another flexible direction to keep us going. 'sarcasm emoticon'. 

J from Jacket

I found a winter jacket!!! In the sales so I'm not cold anymore. Believe me: best find this year since I only buy one every decade or so.

K from K-Group

Much of our energy was put into the release of K-Group's New Series 1 lp, alongside a small repress of Series 4. This in conjunction with a couple of Euroshows. Still: spending a couple of days at home with Paul and his wife was lovely. I loved the chats about football, New Order, Lines Of Flight, cheese etc... His show on Studio Néau was breathtakingly good. So thank you Eupen, Brussels and London. Anxiously waiting for that lathe on World Of Echo which just came out.


L from Label

Only a couple of releases but very happy with the quality and variety. Finances are always a thing: believe me, I would like to release a lot more but we are doing this at our own pace. The Triple Negative reissue still sounds as stunning and intriguing as ever. Roy Montgomery's 7inch sends shivers through your spine and K-Group guitardrones are still haunting down every obstacle causing problems. The Saule project got delayed (again) but we are working on it. So, next up is: see P

M from Music

Hell, that's what Knotwilg is all about I guess. Attentive followers of our store noticed less titles coming in. The reason being is we are going back to old-school trades only for the time being. Sales have dropped somehow worldwide. L'embarras du choix? Postage? Vinyl hype over? We did notice the return of cds, and digital becomes a bit more important. But looking around us we see a lot more people making music creating a void in a niche which is small as it is. But how to get your stuff heard if everybody is making music and not listening to others? Something to think about, and maybe start a discussion about it at your local bar. Not every fart is worth releasing.

N from New Zealand

Still an island which remains unreachable for us. We did look into going for Lines Of flight, just to see Surface Of The Earth re-surfacing (no pun intended). Great idea but financially a nightmare. But still plenty of great tunes coming out of there. William henry Meung lp on Horn Of Plenty one of his best outings, what Lies Beneath became a must-have, Antony Milton setting up Another Sunday, LSD Fundraiser keeps pouring out tunes etc...

O from Orval

Best Belgian beer which you keep returning to (with Duchesse de Bourgogne as a good second place). Good for your kidneys too. Also a small reminder to Interbrew and Moortgat: stop exporting those horrible Belgian beers into the world. I don't wanna see, or drink any Duvel, Leffe, Grimbergen and co when I am abroad. 

P from pFeM

Or the next release on Knotwilg. Cassette coming out end of February. Expect the sum of this duo. or how do you think the sum sounds from a Sun Stabbed, and a Sister Iodine member?

Q from Question

Sham 69 once screamed it out 'tell us the truth'. But what the hell is the truth?

R from Roy Montgomery

Boy, what a character the man is. A magnet of melancholia mingled with some juices of humour. When a man falls in love with a guitar you can't help to fall in love with the man himself. Ever so glad to have done that 7inch. A different version of 'Dear Imprudence' appears on the new lp on discreet btw.

S from Studio Néau

Fell in love with making radio. Ever since the first Kneautwilg session then still in Eupen. Meanwhile we moved the studio to Meetkerke but still are transmitting live every second Saturday of a month. Next Saturday marks Kneautwilg #21 already. All emissions can still be found on their website, or soundcloudpage.

T from traffic

You can't get from point A to point B without some incapable driver putting your life in danger and/or losing two hours for a 20km drive. What's wrong with everybody? Same goes out to most cyclists which are even a bigger nightmare. You are all lucky my car can't enter most LEZ enforced cities.


U from Underground

Musically speaking everyone is out there to be found. Worldwide a couple of idealist shops/distributors are deserving every inch of respect to try to make some stuff available. You all know who you are: thank you. Ooh, I still hate subways as well.

V from Vinyl

Less coloured vinyl, keep it black. Pressing vinyl is a trade, but some plants manage to deliver very low quality value. And let's face it: unknown bands don't sell 500 copies anymore unless there's a hype around it. So get the prices affordable for low quantity pressings.

W from Wine

Kidneywise i would go for champagne (see also O) any day. But some red wine got my tasting bells ringing. Especially the grenache/syrah grape makes my tummy go yummy. Always welcome: personal wishlist can be obtained by a simple email.

X from (e)Xtra time

Best football program in the world. Next to Match Of The Day maybe that is. Just a shame Aster left but the new concept of broadcasting live from a lower division team is great. Plus: it keeps Alice happy if Wesley is around.

Y from You

'You fight its presence, and it wears you down, and you become that of which you hate'. From Artits Only by Jason Williamson (KW24). Listen to the full text of this little gem if you wanna become a popstar.

Z from Zero Tolerance

which will be applied on every point of grumpiness, irritation about any or all the letters above or by simply getting in our way somehow, somewhere. 


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