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Knotwilg Hindsight 2021

What a year 2021 was. Of course: there was that flue everyone is talking about resulting in the re-introduction of an 'ausweis', less concerts, online events nobody really wants, football without public and on a positive note a shitload of releases, boardgames, radio-sets, amazing food/drinks and lots of luuuuuuuve.

Knotwilg releases for 2021 started actually late decembre 2020 with the Humbros LP followed by vinyl, cassettes from Mosquitoes, Aymeric De Tapol, Leda, Jason Williamson, Destrifan, Club Sound Witches. Not a bad year i would say. Looking forward to 2022 for sure with a couple of projects in an on-going process of patience, lots of good will and determinance.

It's not a secret vinyl-plants have huge waiting lists pushing independent labels to the edge. Especially the investments and having to wait 6 to 9 months for a return is a killer. It is time the industry is giving back vinyl where it belongs. Which isn't pressing fckng useless re-issues you can buy at the local grocer.

Looking into statistics proportionally the best sellers are (besides all Knotwilg releases) not so surprisingly the amazing quality output from Sweden. Enhet, Astrid Mortensen, Neutral, Monokultur, JJulius, all make it easily into the top 10 selling list. Only interrupted by CIA Debutante 7" on SDZ, Mosquitoes 10" reissue on World Of Echo , Tomaga's LP on Hands In The Dark , Maxine Funke's Seance on A Colorful and the two compilations Lullabies and Labyrinth on Kashual Plastik. I wonder if it's a coincidence the best sellers are also rather collectable.

So here are some highlights excluding the releases mentioned above (undoubtely they would and should be in all of your best-of lists as well). Basically what blasted most out of my speakers

Favorite track 2021

ATM: I'm Sick

Highlight Cassettes 2021

1. Michael Morley: Electric Guitar

2. CJA: Otakou

3. Avvitagalli: Onde Curiosa

4. Anna Otta: This Wasn't Real

5. Lewsberg: in Your Hands

6. Muura/Sunset Flips: split

7. Laure Boer: Agate

8. Stefan Christensen: Circular Ruins & Loima

9. LSD Fundraiser: Regression

10. Cops: Energy Trap

Honorable Mention: Greymouth: Aereal, Anthony Milton: Summit, Center: Two Shapes, Mapura Music: Aroha, Various: Exotic Esoterique Vol3, Kleistwahr/P Wits: Untitled

Highlight Singles 2021 (including 10" and 12" ep's)

1. Little Skull: Lower hope

2. Drop Zone: Two Things

3. Lily Van Buskirk: Aucklantis

4. CZN: Luxury Variations

5. Friendly Boyfriend: Pick Up

6. Journey Of Taro: Sketches

7. Treasury Of Puppies: Lollos

8. Phantom Horse/Hellvete: split 12"

9. Thierry Monnier: Electric Guitar

10. Matt De Gennaro: Magnolia

Honorable Mention: J. Kenzo: Ruffhouse, Sagat: Walking Dub, Sage Alyte: Paume de Pierre, Blackmail: Dur Au Mal

Highlight Lp's 2021

1. Tsap: Flyckering Lyghte

2. Frankreich: Untiled

3. Paul Chain: Is Dead vol1

4. Stefan Christensen: Cheap Things

5. Fernand Schirre: Dimanche

6. Ben Bertrand: Dokkaebi

7. YL Hooi: Untitled

8. Wellraumforscher: Folklore

9. Claypipe: Sky Wells

10. Tambuki Neri/Hiroko: Ombre

Honorable Mention: Troth: basically anything old or new, digital or fysical (ao on Knekelhuis)

Overlooked Highlights 2021

1. Al Karpenter: Musik From A Private Hell

2. Razen: Blue Rot

3. Senela, Soia etc...: In C for Oscillateurs

4. Snooks: Unfinished Business

5. Les Baxters: Untitled

6. Samuli Tanner: Music For 1

7. Chris Robin Duncan: With Light

8. Florence Cats: Correspondances

9. Various: La Pompadour

10. Equipage: Fictions

Live Highlights 2021

Saw a couple of gigs but it wouldn't be fair to judge. 2021 being so weird people were allready over the moon if they could see any band at all. Respect for the people whom did continue and tried time and time again to set up something. No matter the restrictions. Those continuing to hold on those same restrictions should think again, urgently. After all the Belgian niche doesn't attrack thousands of visitors.

Live Highlight 2022

Knotwilg Festival: May 7, 2022


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