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New Knotwilg release

Really honoured to be able to announce the queen of Swedish Underground aka Leda.

Ltd edition reissue on cassette from the Förfall cdr released in 2021. Cassette (including downloadcard) available at only. Sofie Herner has and still is one of the pillars of the Gothenburg underground scene with an astonishing timeless discography in her backpack. Not only in her solo-outings as Leda but very prominent within Neutral, Enhet For Fri Musik etc... Her distinctive guitarplay is sooooo recognizable and sounds familiar within a second of the cassette kicking in. A sound which has a metallic "kling" inhaled with a kind of rhytmic "klang" heating up the wood stove into melting proportions. Melancholic industrial anybody?

releasedate October 15, 2021. Pre-orders Septembre 15.

Artwork by Harrisson


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