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This Was KW 2022

Some people asked for a 'best of' list. So here are some with what we enjoyed most on our decks be it vinyl, cassettes, cd or even purely digital since singular purchases outside the EU became unpayable.

7" I 10" I 12" I cdr's

0+1: U. Schütte: Unkugel (Knotwilg) 1 Greymouth: Twilight Furl (Kashual Plastik)

2 Triple Negative: Return Of The Living Dirt (Swallowing Helmets)

3 Warm Currency: Returns (Horn Of Plenty)

4 Mosquitoes: Outlines (Digital Regress)

5 Anna Savage: Queens Rd (Altered States Tapes)

6 Various: Vidal Benjamin Presents: Uprooted #1 Vladimir Ivkovic (Versatile)

7 Kobermann/ Akruul: split (Goldgelb)

8 Charlene Darling: Non Mon Garcon (Lexi Disques)

9 What Lies Beneath: Red zine + cdr

10 Troth: Blood In My Hair (I Dishi Del Barone)

11 Keller Crackers: KC (Marmo)

12 Fulmars/Hypnotic Sleep: split (Kashual Plastik)


0+1: L$D Fundraiser: Fashionably Late For The Apocalypse (Knotwilg + extra points for best title of the year.

1 Goldscammer:: Untitled (self released)

2 Viitakoski: Blue Exhibition: (Akti)

3 Sophia Djebel Rose: La Louve (selfreleased)

4 Saint Abdullah: Inshallahland (Room40)

5 Lostsoundbytes; Parallel Intrusion (Big Science)

6 Various: Two Years Of Spring (Are You Before)

7 Speedbooth: Yammals (Cost Of Living)

8 Domotic: Morton And Other Descriptions (Kythibong)

9 Stefan Christensen: Atlas Rand (Kashual Plastik)

10 Joseph Allred: Regeneration Of Time (Akti)

11 Catherine Danger: Roto Rites Dub (Simple Music Experience)

12 Cosmic Slops: Here Come The (Midnight Mines)

lp (new and archival)

1 Treasury Of Puppies: Mitt Stora Nu (Discreet)

2 Surface Of The Earth: idem (Thin Wrist)

3 Strange Girls: It's OK To be Happy (Fordamning Arkiv)

4 Thomas Bush: Preludes (Mamma's Mysteriska Jukebox)

5 Amateur Hour: Krokta + the 2 reissues (Appetite)

6 Gerry Franke: Found Myself... (Tax Free)

7 Apostles: Best Forgotten (Horn Of Plenty)

8 Humbros: Druidarium (Claus)

9 Marc Matter: Could Change (Futura Resistenza)

10 Ashtray Navigations: Heavy Invertebrates (self released)

11 Societé Etrange: Chance (Bongo Joe)

12 Schisms: Break apart the idea... (Bergpolder)

13 Teahouse Radio: Her Quiet Garden (Vrystaete)

14 Froid Dub: An Ice berg Crusing... (Delodio)

15 Klara Livet: Varandra (Forlag Fur Fri Musik)

16 Nein Rodere: Catch Up With That Party (Horn Of Plenty)

17 Tomaga: Extended Play 1 + 2 (Hand In The Dark)

18 Maria Violenza: Capelli Di Catene (Kaka Kids)

19 Avvitagalli: None Corsa (Horn Of Plenty)

20 Chronophage: idem (bruit direct)


besides the Knotwilg Titles obviously allthough worthwhile to mention the Humbros and Aymeric De Tapol sales got a boost after their passage at Meakusma Festival. So no suprise 5 and 6 had a big rise in sales just after their shows at Knotwilg Festival as well. Once again proof liveshows do have an impact.

1 Triple Negative: Return Of The Living Dirt (Swallowing Helmet)

2 Astrid Øster Mortensen: Skærsgårdslyd (Discreet)

3 Mosquitoes: Drip Hollow repress (Ever never)

4 Klara Livet: Varandra (Forlag)

5 CIA Debutante: Dust (Siltbreeze)

6 Nein Rodere: Catch Up With That Party (Horn Of Plenty)

7 Incipientum: Belastning (Forlag)

8 Treasury Of Puppies: Mitt Stora Nu (Discreet) 9 JJulius:Vol II (DFA)

10 Mosquitoes: Outlines (Digital Regress)


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